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Timemore C3 manual coffee grinder, now enhanced with an advanced grinding core for ultimate precision, portability, and perfection in every grind! 

The perfect add-on for your Specialty Cold Brew gear.

Crafted with precision CNC machining and featuring a stainless steel conical burr, this grinder guarantees uniform grinding particles for an impeccable brew every time. Its efficient design allows you to effortlessly adjust the coarseness to your preference with a 36-step adjustment nut. Compact and easy to handle, this grinder ensures a consistent grind without excessively coarse grains and minimal fine powder.

Ideal for both home use and on-the-go coffee enthusiasts, its easy disassembly makes cleaning a breeze, ensuring a consistently fresh cup of coffee.

  • UPGRADED VERSION OF C2: Share the same size but upgraded with new S2C steel burrs adopted from the Chestnut X in a smaller 38mm size, 2022 new released TIMEMORE CHESTNUT C3 has better cutting performance, ensuring your coffee beans taste their best by consistently and swiftly ground.
  • STEPLESS GRINDING ADJUSTMENT: Easily rotate the dial according to your preference from finer to coarser settings in almost half of the steps than C2 (Espresso settings begin around 8 clicks backward from the start point); you can use this hand grinder for everything from espresso to pour over and French press.
  • EXPANDED CAPACITY : Enlarged size in capacity from 25g to 30g, enough for preparing more cups in daily use, but still weighting in around a pound (510 g) to be easy to hold and carry.
  • DISTINCTIVE LOOK & FEEL: Combing with diameter of 52mm and an unique anti-slip textured makes this manual burr coffee grinder easier to hold; also the ergonomically shaped crank handle that spins smoothly allows you to grind enough for a big cup in one minute.
  • INTEGRATED METAL BODY FOR LONGER LASTING: Aluminum alloy body makes Timemore grinder a great light coffee grinder for travel or camping. At the same time, durability is guaranteed by the stainless steel crank handle, driveshaft, and the conical burrs.